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Growl in rear end when turning either right or left.

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Posted: 09/20/10 01:29 PM

I have a 64 that I restored and there is a growl in the rear end after it warms up on the road.  I have drained 4oz out and replaced it with the slip differential fluid from GM and then drove it for about 45 minutes and the growl came back. If the clutch is depressed the growl doesn't appear. Does anyone know what it is and what can be done about it?  It is a 3:36 and I believe original.  

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Posted: 09/21/10 07:16 AM

to exercise the posi clutch discs one finds a parking lot...   does 8 or 10 low speed tight turns to the right.. then a similar number to the left...   or at least till the security guard comes running thinking you are doing doughnuts in his parking lot...   this works lube into the clutch plates..and smoothes them down any rough spots.. that might make noise...

this will usually get rid of the clicking noises posi units make when cornering..


does it make any noise running straight down the road????

it almost sounds like you need to have the center section rebuilt... it does happen...  

how are your rear wheel bearings???????

do you have a mechanics stethoscope????? they cost like 4 bucks at harbor freight... under 10 at most parts stores...   or you can use a long painter pole or push broom handle...   jack up the back of the car.. support properly on jack stands... so it is rock stable... having somebody start the engine and spin the wheels up to speed while you use the pole to touch different parts near the spinning parts... and touching it to the area just infront of your ear... you will be able to hear bad bearings...

this is much better done on a lift at a shop...

most shops will do this inspection for you for a very small fee...

just be sure that no teenage kids set the lift arms...  you don't want your car to take a nose dive off the rack...  it has happened...  

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