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Get Rid of Slective Ride

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Posted: 07/25/10 09:49 AM

I have spent all I care to trying to repair the selcetive ride control in my 98 convertible. I would like to just take the system off of the car and install regular Bilstein shocks, which  is not hard, but  that doies not get rid of the mulitple warning  messages or the  80 mph govenor that comes with the system failure. Anyone have any idea as to how to remove the system from the main computer or a shop that can do it  where I could send the computer(s) to  be reprogrammed?  

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Posted: 07/25/10 10:22 PM

hmm... still not going to be cheep... these might be available from other suppliers ..    read up on these... i think there were problems with some early models with the F45 suspension.. the simulators not working..

F45 Suspension Simulators

Corvette C5 Suspension Simulators


Active suspension was a great idea for the Corvette. But, when it comes time to replace leaking factory dampening shocks, you got "shocked" when you discovered that the cost of ONE factory shock cost more than replacing ALL FOUR shocks with Pfadt Racing Coil Overs!

If you replace your stock suspension, however, the MIL light turns on and the car's top speed is limited to 80 MPH! By using our kit, you can install our coil-overs, and turn the MIL codes off, restoring the car to its original control.

Kit consists of eight modules, two for each wheel location. Simple "Plug-And-Play" installation.

hopefully.. some one on the magazine staff will know more..

so check back every day or two..  log in also.. .. so they know you are still around..  

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