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Electrical Problems

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/31/10 09:47 AM

2002 year model

Recently, I'm driving along and everything starts going haywire, air conditioner shuts down, radio turns off, all guages go wild, computer read out says everything is wrong; low tire pressure, low on gas, ABS doesn't work, active handling gone, reduce engine power, service engine, you name it. The car drives fine, and the chevy guys can't figure out what's wrong so far. But, they tell me that it's going into "fail safe mode."  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 07/31/10 10:24 AM

the dash board is controlled by the ECM /BCM>> with a system called CAN...   controller area network...

there are hundreds of pages of trouble shooting.. and visual inspection of the multiple circuits is needed...

do you feel like looking for your self..

do you have any ANY devices in the car that don't work properly..

power door locks.. power windows.. power mirrors...  

any of the exterior lamps???   there are so many things on  the cars that are hooked to and totally controlled by the CAN system..

looking for something that does not work properly is the first place to start...

were you activating anything when the system went haywire????     can you turn the key off and everything comes back to normal?????     it could be a switch or a controlled item.. or the wiring between them..

has there been anything taken apart.. or changed??      jeeps have the problem when the wires that run through the rubber boots between the door and the door jams where the can wiring harness cracks where it gets bent.. if the wires come loose and rub through the insulation it could have been..

if you plan on doing anything your self...   you will need a LOGIC probe.. or a computer safe circuit tester...   you will also need a CAN enabled scan tool..

you will need a subscription to   eautorepair.net   or   alldatadiy.com     if you don't have a factory service manual..    you might also take a look at alldatadiy.com for the TSB titles..  see if any jump out at you as being close to your problem...

i have been trying to collect some information on how the bottom end consumer obd 2 and obd 1 scan tools compare to each other.. but have just started the research..  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 07/31/10 10:39 AM

if i were you ... i might want to find copies of the TSBs that i  highlighted in bold..   take those numbers to the gm dealer.. or from alldatadiy.com    
i would bet that there are a bunch of newer TSBs also..  as the newest ones are dated jan 2010...

Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2002 Chevrolet Corvette V8-5.7L VIN G.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
04006C FEB 06    Recall - Electronic Steering Column Lock System Defect
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
05081 FEB 06    Campaign - Steering Column Lock Warranty Extension
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
03-08-44-005J JAN 10    Audio - Poor Radio Reception/Static Interference
99-08-51-007D JAN 10    Wheel - Refinishing Aluminum Wheels
09-03-10-017 DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Replacement Wheel Weight Information
04-06-01-029D DEC 09    Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
05-03-10-003E DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Low Tire Pressure/Aluminum Wheels Leak
08-03-10-006B DEC 09    Wheels/Tires - Tire(s) Slowly Go Flat
00-07-30-009C NOV 09    A/T - Goodwrench®(R) Replacement Transmissions
06-08-43-003B NOV 09    Wipers/Washers - Windshield Wiper Maintenance/Cleaning
00-03-10-006E NOV 09    Tires - Tire Radial Force Variation (RFV)
99-04-20-002F NOV 09    Drivetrain - Clunk Noise Shifting From PARK Into Gear
06-08-64-001B OCT 09    Body - Side Window Chipping Information
05-03-08-002C OCT 09    Suspension - Shock Absorber/Strut Leakage Information
06-08-50-009D OCT 09    Restraints - Passenger Presence System Information
06-08-111-004B SEP 09    06-08-111-004B - BULLETIN CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION
09-08-48-006 SEP 09    Body - Stain/Film On Windshield Glass Perimeter
09-08-56-003 SEP 09    Engine Controls - BCM Unsuccessfully Updated/No Start
02-07-30-052F SEP 09    A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flush
04-08-50-006C AUG 09    Interior - Seat Cover Wrinkle/Crease/Burn Info
04-06-04-047I AUG 09    Fuel System - 'TOP TIER' Detergent Gasoline Information
06-02-32-013B AUG 09    Steering - Power Steering Pump Replacement Tips
03-03-10-007E AUG 09    Wheels/Tires - OE Tire/Wheel Characteristics
99-08-64-016C JUL 09    Body - Maintaining Exterior Weatherstrip Appearance
03-07-29-004F JUL 09    M/T - Operating Characteristics
08-06-01-008A JUL 09    Engine - Drive Belt Misalignment Diagnostics
07-06-01-016B JUL 09    Engine - Noise/Damage Oil Filter Application Importance
08-03-10-004A JUL 09    Wheels/Tires - Accessory Wheel & Tire Information
05-08-51-008C JUN 09    Body - Bumps or Rust Colored Spots in Paint
99-01-39-004C JUN 09    A/C - Musty Odors Emitted From (HVAC) System
03-08-48-006F MAY 09    A/C - Window Defroster Contact/Tab Repair Information
06-08-44-015B MAY 09    Audio System - Noise When Using Portable Playback Unit
02-08-44-007D MAY 09    OnStar(R) - Negative Impact of Cloth/Vinyl Roofs
01-08-42-001G MAY 09    Lighting - Exterior Lamp Condensation Guidelines
08-03-10-005A MAR 09    Wheels/Tires - Chrome/Steel Valve Stem Cap Precautions
00-05-22-002L MAR 09    Brakes- Disc Brake Warranty Service And Procedures
04-03-10-001E MAR 09    Wheels/Tires - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures
09-08-48-002A MAR 09    Body - Marks/Stains on Windshield When Wet
08-08-44-010F MAR 09    Navigation Radio - Diagnostic Tips
09-09-40-001 FEB 09    Restraints - Seat Belt Warning Lamp On/Buckling Issues
06-00-89-051C FEB 09    Locks - Key Code Security Rules And Information
02-08-98-002C FEB 09    Body - Hem Flange Rust Repair Information
01-07-30-036H JAN 09    A/T Control - DTC P0756 Diagnostic Tips
07-08-98-001A JAN 09    Body - Non-Approval of Clipping For Collision Repair
00-00-90-002J JAN 09    Tires - Correct Inflation Pressure Information
05-03-10-020B JAN 09    Tire - Use Of Nitrogen Gas In Tires
07-08-64-022B JAN 09    Instruments - Unnecessary Park Assist Mirror Replacement
01-06-01-011E DEC 08    Gasoline Engine - Oil Consumption Guidelines
08-08-42-005A DEC 08    Lighting - Headlamp Replacement Guidelines
04-07-30-017B NOV 08    A/T - Revised Converter Check Valve/Cooler Line Fitting
01-07-30-032E SEP 08    A/T - 4T65E Fluid Leaking From A/T Vent
00-00-89-027E SEP 08    Interior - Elimination Of Unwanted Odors
08-08-46-006 SEP 08    Audio System - XM(R) Terrestrial Repeater Changes
05-03-10-005D SEP 08    Wheels/Tires - Upsized Wheel/Tire Characteristics
02-08-42-001C SEP 08    Lighting - Headlamp Polycarbonate Lens Damage Prevention
08-08-44-028 AUG 08    Audio - Inadvertent Steering Wheel Button Activation
08-08-46-004 AUG 08    OnStar(R) - Aftermarket Device Interference Information
08-08-44-026 AUG 08    Audio System - Refurbishing Radio Faceplates/Knobs
08-07-30-035 AUG 08    A/T - Water Or Coolant Contamination Information
05-06-04-022E AUG 08    Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Canada)
03-06-04-060B JUL 08    Ignition System - New Spark Plugs & Gapping Info.
02-06-03-008D JUL 08    Charging System - Low Voltage Display/Battery Discharged
05-06-02-001A JUL 08    Cooling System, A/C - Aluminum Heater Cores/Radiators
05-03-07-009B JUN 08    Alignment - Specifications/Requirements/Recommendations
08-08-64-011 JUN 08    Mirrors - Heated Mirror Defrosting Time
08-08-44-023 JUN 08    Navigation Radio - Adaptation After Radio/Battery R&R
05-00-89-072B JUN 08    Engine/Fuel System - Oil/Fuel Additive Information
00-07-30-022D JUN 08    A/T - 4L60/65E, No Reverse/2nd or 4th Gear
08-07-30-027 JUN 08    A/T - No Movement in Drive or 3rd Gear
08-07-30-026 MAY 08    A/T - Slight Vehicle Movement In Park At Start Up
08-03-10-007 MAY 08    Tires - Minimizing Damage to TPM Sensors
01-07-30-010C MAY 08    A/T - Torque Converter Replacement Information
08-03-16-003 MAY 08    Tire Monitor System - TPM Sensor Information
04-06-04-036E MAY 08    Emission - Emissions Programming Warranty Coverage
03-07-30-007E MAY 08    A/T - Gear Engagement Time Information
08-07-30-009B MAY 08    A/T - 4T80E, Slips in Gear/L/H Axle Seal Leaks
05-06-03-002C APR 08    Battery/Charging System - Electrical Diagnostics Info.
02-06-03-009C APR 08    Electrical - Battery Charging Tips/Recommendations
00-06-01-012C APR 08    Engine - Use of 'Surface Conditioning Disks'
02-07-30-001G MAR 08    A/T - DTC P0894 and P1870 Diagnostic Tips
08-08-51-002 MAR 08    Body - TPO Fascia Cleaning Prior to Painting
08-09-41-003 FEB 08    Restraints - Usage of Used/Salvaged/Imitation Components
05-00-89-078B FEB 08    Fuel System - GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS(R) Info.
06-06-04-035A FEB 08    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precaution
00-08-48-005C FEB 08    Body - Vehicle Glass Distortion Information
04-03-10-012B FEB 08    Wheels - Chrome Wheel Brake Dust Accumulation/Pitting
01-05-23-001B JAN 08    Brakes - Rotor Lateral Runout Correction Information
99-08-52-005C JAN 08    Keyless Entry System - Characteristics of Operation
08-01-38-001 JAN 08    A/C - Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling/Equipment
05-06-02-002B JAN 08    Cooling System - DEX-COOL®(R) Coolant Leak Detection Dye
00-08-46-004C JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Re-establishing OnStar(R) Communications
99-09-40-005E JAN 08    Seat Belts - Seat Belt Extender Availability
02-08-46-006C JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Incorrect GPS Position Reported During Call
05-08-46-004B JAN 08    OnStar(R) - Number Incorrect/Incorrectly Assigned
04-07-30-037D NOV 07    A/T - Dexron®(R)-VI Fluid Information
02-08-46-007C NOV 07    OnStar(R) - Loss of GPS Signal/Hands Free Issues
03-00-89-008D NOV 07    Body - Metal Body Panel Corrosion Protection
05-06-01-010B SEP 07    Engine - Sealant Usage/Procedures
07-07-30-024 SEP 07    A/T - Valve Body Reconditioning
07-08-45-002 SEP 07    Electrical - Aftermarket Fuse Warning
05-06-04-035C JUL 07    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precautions
05-08-44-005A JUL 07    Entertainment System - Headphone Foam Pad Replacement
07-08-63-001 APR 07    Body - Polypropylene Energy Absorber Replacement
07-08-44-007 APR 07    Navigation System - Replacement Navigation Discs
02-08-42-004A MAR 07    Instruments - Reduced PRNDL Display Visibility
07-06-01-002 MAR 07    Engine - Revised Connecting Rod Bolt Torque
07-03-10-003 FEB 07    Wheels - Surface Irregularities at base of Spokes
04-07-30-013B FEB 07    Engine, A/T - Shift/Driveability Concerns/MIL ON
04-06-04-054A JAN 07    Engine Controls - Aftermarket Accessory Usage
06-06-01-026 DEC 06    Engine - New Exhaust Manifold Bolts/Torque Specs
06-06-02-026 DEC 06    Engine - Revised Exhaust Manifold Bolts/Torque Specs.
06-00-89-054 NOV 06    Warranty - Claims Submission
01-07-31-002B NOV 06    M/T - Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure Improvement
00-06-04-033B OCT 06    Emissions - OBDII I/M Readiness Testing
02-08-98-001C OCT 06    Body - Metal Panel Adhesive Bonding Information
04-06-05-006A SEP 06    Exhaust System - Jingling Noises On Deceleration
01-07-30-038D SEP 06    A/T - Poor Performance/MIL ON/DTC P0757
06-03-10-010 SEP 06    Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
00-06-02-006D AUG 06    Cooling System - Coolant Recycling Information
06-06-04-037 AUG 06    Engine Controls - MIL Function During I/M Testing
00-03-10-002D AUG 06    Wheels Chrome Wheel Chemical Staining/Pitting/Corrosion
06-01-39-007 JUL 06    A/C - Contaminated R134A Refrigerant
04-07-30-037B JUN 06    A/T - Dexron®(R) VI Fluid Availability
03-07-30-043A MAY 06    A/T - Shift Lock Control Feature Function
03-04-20-006A MAY 06    Drivetrain - Rear Differential Fluid Leaks
06-08-45-004 MAY 06    Electrical - Instrument Panel & General Wiring Repair
02-08-46-004A APR 06    Cell Phone - Error Messages, Bulletin Cancellation
02-08-48-001B MAR 06    Body - Urethane Adhesives for Glass Applications
02-06-04-015A MAR 06    Starting System - Engine No Start/No Crank Condition
06-03-10-004 MAR 06    Tires/Wheels - Wheel Weight Usage Precautions
02-06-05-004B FEB 06    Accessories - DTC's P0300, P1380, P1381
05-08-44-029A FEB 06    Audio System - Radio Knob Availability
04-08-46-002B FEB 06    OnStar(R) - Unable to Connect, Bulletin Cancellation
04-07-30-028A JAN 06    A/T - 4T65-E Fluid Leaks From Reverse Servo Cover
04-06-04-051B JAN 06    Fuel System - Fuel Injector Maintenance Cleaning
05-03-10-019 DEC 05    Tires - Run Flat/Zero Pressure Tire Info./Service
99-08-51-001A NOV 05    Body - Paint-Less Dent Repair Recommendations
02-01-39-004B NOV 05    A/C - New PAG Oil
01-07-30-030B OCT 05    A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E Harsh 1-2 Upshift Diagnosis
01-07-30-041B OCT 05    A/T - Diagnosing Fluid Leaks
02-07-30-024B AUG 05    A/T - Cracked Case Diagnosis
03-06-04-012A AUG 05    Electrical - Harness Connection Inspection
05-02-35-004 JUL 05    Steering - Revised Steering Column Service
04-08-48-001B JUN 05    A/C - Broken Rear Window Defogger Grid Detection
05-03-10-004 APR 05    Tire Monitor System - Tire Mounting/Dismounting Cautions
00-08-46-002A APR 05    OnStar(R) - Cellular Antenna Replacement Parts
99-09-40-004A APR 05    Restraints - Child Seat Top Teather Attachment Kits
05-03-08-004 MAR 05    Suspension - Revised Front/Rear Ball Joint Torque Specs.
03-05-24-001A MAR 05    Brakes - Wheel Cylinder Inspection Guidelines
01-08-46-004A MAR 05    OnStar(R)/Cell Phone - Integration
00-08-46-003B FEB 05    Instruments - GPS System Performance Degradation
03-09-41-003A FEB 05    Restraints - Air Bag System Diagnostics
04-06-03-016 DEC 04    Battery - Specification Label Clarification
03-08-98-002A OCT 04    Body - Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding/Equipment
01-01-38-006D SEP 04    A/C - R-134a System Flushing Procedures
04-07-31-005 AUG 04    M/T - Clutch Pressure Plate Wear Indicator Adjustment
01-03-10-009A JUL 04    Wheels - Plastic Wheel Nut Covers Loose/Missing
04-08-51-003 JUL 04    Body - Rear Hatch Blistering
02-06-03-010A JUL 04    Battery - Parasitic Drain
04-06-00-047 JUN 04    Fuel - Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Information
04-06-05-007 JUN 04    Exhaust System - Intermediate Pipe Now Available
04-06-04-041 JUN 04    Engine Controls - 'Engine Cranks But Won't Run' Updated
04-06-04-039 JUN 04    Ignition System - Revised Ignition Relay Diagnostics
04-08-98-001 MAY 04    Body - Metal Panel Bonding Additional Material
04-07-30-023 MAY 04    A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E New Pump/Seal/Case/Service
04-06-04-031 APR 04    Fuel System - Difficult Vehicle Refueling
04-06-01-013 APR 04    Engine - Serpentine Drive Belt Wear Information
04-08-50-005 FEB 04    Interior - Seat Back(s) Twisting
04-07-30-006 FEB 04    A/T - 4L65E, 4L60E, 4L60, 200-4R Oil Pump Spring
04-01-37-001 JAN 04    A/C - Control Knob Replacement Availability
03-08-42-012 NOV 03    Lighting - Auto Lamps Operate Erratically/Inoperative
03-07-30-056 NOV 03    A/T - 4L60-E Oil Pump Identification
01-01-38-013A OCT 03    A/C - Unnecessary Compressor Replacement
02-06-04-022A OCT 03    Engine Controls - PCM Reprogramming/Data line Diagnosis
03-07-30-042 SEP 03    A/T - Fluid Leak At Rear Of Transmission
03-02-36-002 JUL 03    Steering - Revised Service Procedures
01-01-39-003A JUL 03    A/C - Catastrophic Compressor Failure Debris Removal
02-06-04-010A JUN 03    Instruments - Erratic Fuel Gauge Readings
02-08-98-003 JUN 03    Body - Information On Expandable Acoustic Foam
03-07-30-027 JUN 03    A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing Frequently Asked Questions
03-01-39-004 APR 03    A/C - Controls Intermittently Inoperative
03-06-05-005 APR 03    Exhaust System - 'Jingling' Noise
03-03-10-004 APR 03    Tire Pressure Monitor - Grommet Availability
99-01-39-007B MAR 03    A/C - Automatic A/C Functional Description
03-01-38-001 MAR 03    A/C - System Sealers/Leak Detection Guidelines
99-07-30-017A FEB 03    A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing/Flow Check Procedures
03-04-20-002 JAN 03    Differential - Revised Output Shaft Seal Replacement
03-04-20-001 JAN 03    Differential - Revised Rear Axle Assembly Procedure
03-04-95-001 JAN 03    Drive Axles - Revised CV Joint and Seal Replacement
02-06-01-038 DEC 02    Engine - Knocking or Lifter Noise
02-06-01-029 SEP 02    Engine - Needle Bearings Found Upon Oil Change
02-06-01-028 AUG 02    Engine - Crankcase Flushing Recommendations
02-08-47-001 JUL 02    Body Control - Update of Some Control Module DTC's
02-07-30-028 JUN 02    A/T - Serial Number/Site Code Locations/Identification
02-09-41-001 JUN 02    Computers & Controls - DTC's Set When Replacing Modules
01-06-01-023A JUN 02    Engine - Higher Than Normal Oil Consumption
02-06-01-026 JUN 02    Engine - Identification Information
02-06-04-023A JUN 02    Engine Controls - Spark Knock/MIL ON/ DTC P0332 Set
02-08-57-003 MAY 02    Body - Water Leaks to the Interior
02-06-01-008 MAR 02    Engine - New Prelube Tool
02-08-50-002 MAR 02    Seat (Driver's) - Movement on Acceleration/Braking
02-06-04-005 FEB 02    Engine Controls - Revised DTC P1221
99-00-89-019B FEB 02    Warranty - Parts Return Program Explained
01-07-30-043 DEC 01    A/T - Slipping/Missed Shifts Diagnostic Tips
01-08-46-006A DEC 01    Onstar(R) - Antenna Coupling Revised Procedures
01-03-10-011 DEC 01    Tires - Sidewall Damage
01-06-01-027 NOV 01    Engine - Cylinder Head Replacement Revision
01-08-97-002 NOV 01    HomeLink(R) Transmitter - Programming Difficulties
01-08-44-014 NOV 01    Radio - Erratic or Intermittent Operation
01-05-25-004A NOV 01    VSES - Warning Displayed, DTC C1288 Stored
01-07-30-029 OCT 01    A/T - Core Return Product Feedback Form
00-06-04-011A OCT 01    EVAP System - Monitor Strategy
01-00-89-013 SEP 01    RKE Transmitter - Correct Use of Labor Operation R4490
01-08-51-002 AUG 01    Door Edge - New Protection
01-00-89-010 JUN 01    Diagnostic Worksheet - Usage
99-06-03-010A JUN 01    PCM/BCM Replacement - DTC's B001/B1271/B1780 Set
01-09-40-002 JUN 01    Seat Belt System - Collision Replacement Guidelines
01-00-89-009 MAY 01    Key/Key Number/Security Chip - Replacement
89358 NOV 88    Battery - Diagnosis and Charging  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/16/11 06:42 PM

You might try disconnecting the negative battery terminal and waiting at least 10 minutes. It is kind of a re-boot. It sounds like you have bigger problems than that but it is worth a try. Also make sure that you don't have a weak battery. I hope it is something simple like a bad ground. Good luck.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/23/11 05:38 PM

I have a 99 coupe and has started doing the same thing. we put a new battery in and it seemed to help for a while last year but this year when we took it out of storage it started doing it again. sening it back to the shop  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/04/12 01:35 PM

I'm having the same issue. I have a 2000 and when my dash goes crazy I find that I can not roll down the windows or lock or unlock the doors on the drivers side. The passenger side works. When the car isn't acting funny the windows roll down fine the locks work act. Any ideas? Thank you, Confused  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 02/04/12 06:30 PM

try disconnecting the battery...

then stick the ignition key in ..

work the key from off to crank and back to off 50 to 100 times...  again .. with the battery disconnected...

this bounces the electrical contacts inside the ignition switch together without any electrical current flowing through .. allowing it to perhaps clean some of the carbon off the contacts...

this does not work with the battery connected.. as the current flowing across the contacts just keeps building more carbon up...

look at the inside of the late model gm ignition switches..



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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/18/12 12:41 PM

Thanks! Worked like a charm!! I did this back in Feb and ever since then (knock on wood) everything has been great! Thank a million for saving me $$ and time, you truly were a big help!

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Posted: 04/18/12 05:45 PM

Go right for the power distrubuton box and see if it cooked itself thats a known problem...Follow Waynes Info and print it out as you just dont find that info everyday.

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/19/12 10:27 PM

It sure would be nice if the original poster to this thread advised of the outcome.  Kind of leaves us hanging.  

I had a 98 Mustang with a bad alternator do some crazy things.  As the voltage dropped, all went haywire.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/16/12 09:14 AM

I experienced the same thing yesterday on a 2001. All the gages went wild and the engine stalled. It restarted and worked okay for about 8 miles. I got home and it repeated the problem. It is now in the garage and will not restart. The battery is new and shows 12 plus volts. With the key on the gages go wild, messages come up to check everything. There is a clicking noise in the fuzz box area. The starter tries some times and just clicks other times. I tried cycling the key switch 50-100 times with the battery disconnected and nothing helped. Still searching for solution.  

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Posted: 08/16/12 10:04 AM

clean the battery terminals...

clean the ground connections..

clean the positive terminal block connections..

run this test...

run the 4 part test as you try to start the engine... when its making noise.. you have a dirty connection someplace..

the clicking or buzzing comes from the voltage drop when the loads come on.. the voltage drops and the relays open because of the low voltage.. as the contacts open.. the voltage comes back and the relays close again.. adding to the load and causing the voltage to drop and the relays open... BUZZZ or CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK..

VOLTAGE Drop Testing

here is the 2001 battery cable diagram....

0008281Y02 049
Chevrolet 2001, Corvette, Starter-generator-ignition-electrical-lamps, 2001-2004   Y BATTERY CABLES & RELATED PARTS   (1Y02-049)

i see places to clean at location 6, 8, 9, 13, 14, 22, 36,  36 is seen at wire 1 at the very top of the image.

this is JUST a place to START... before you start throwing money at the car...   if the connections are dirty.. you will have issues... you actually have to disconnect the battery..  then find the connections i posted... take them apart and use a small wooden handled stainless steel tooth brush from the paint or hard ware store.. they have nice stiff bristles.. both sides of the ring terminals have to be cleaned... the stud needs to be cleaned.. the bottom of the nut needs to be cleaned..

post what happens..

click on the image of the battery cables to enlarge it..  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 08/16/12 10:10 AM

ahh.. they changed it slightly..

click on the battery cables link... it will open in a new window.. then right click to open the image in a new window.. that will bring it up to full size so you can see it..  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/17/12 04:47 PM

The suggestions were good ones. I had already cleaned up several connection but I added a couple more that you suggested. I could not run the voltage drop tests because I can not start the car. It will only bang the starter. I had the battery up to 12.8 volts. After I put the battery back in it measured 12.4 volts. While I tried to crank the engine it dropped to 11.9 volts, but did not ever turn over.

Here are a few more details.

Turning key switch to accessory position allows everything to work properly.

Turning key switch to start position and holding a short time and then returning to run position causes following:
Engine will sometimes crank aggressively for short period without stating
Other times starter my bang in for short aggressive bursts.
Other times starter will do noting beyond click.
All gages go wild sweeping back and forth.
Clicking noise comes from fuse box area
Sometimes dash lights flash on and off rapidly
Read out first shows mileage and then continuously cycles through following:
Charge System Fault
Low Voltage
Reduced Engine speed
Service Traction System
Service Vehicle Soon
Service Active Handling
Continues for a few seconds even after key is turned off and completely removed and driver door opened.

Disconnecting alternator leads results in no change.

Cannot enter diagnostic mode.

I am considering taking the ignition switch apart as a next step.  

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you can still run tests 1 and 2 while attempting to crank the engine...

you can run the positive battery to the alternator output terminal while attempting to start the engine..

you are going to have either a bad battery

a bad starter

or dirty ground connections or positive connections at the starter..

bad start or bad battery top the list.. removing the battery.. take it to a parts store for a charge.. then they can load test it..

the starter could also be bad...

with jumper cables and the starter off.. you can test it on the floor or a work bench... most auto parts stores can also test them...  the smaller sized starters gm puts on cars really don't last as long as the earlier models...  be glad you don't have a LT5 motor.. as the starter on those is under the intake manifold...

check messages to the left of where you log out at...  

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