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Help, I have a '08 6.2 V8, ProCharger, SFI, LS3-what kind of corvett

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Posted: 07/23/10 03:27 PM

OK, I'm just not corvette savvy.  My brother (who passed a way a year ago) had a 2008 Corvette.  I have entered the vin...found out it is a 6.2, V8 SFI, LS3 Vett.  He had the ProCharger added from South Florida.  (Supercharger?).  He researched all this prior to deciding which supercharger to add.  Maybe I should of been paying attention when he was talking about it.  Does the addition make it a Z06?  It sits in my garage, I crank it once in a while.  I'm ready to sell it now, but I have no idea what it is worth with the addition.  It has 21,000 miles, loaded, hardtop, black.  This was his baby.  Please help.
Thanks, Sarah  

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Posted: 07/24/10 10:31 AM

Does the addition make it a Z06?     i don't think so..  the ZO6 has a 7.0L motor..

i have tried to avoid any price quoting on cars my entire life..

car prices are usually set on what the buyer wants to pay.. and what the others of that model are selling for..   you need to research what that model is selling for..     the supercharger probably does not reduce the resale price..  as many people will tell you  as its NOT original..    

warning..    there have been several HIGH powered cars crashed on test drives..
you can always reach over and turn off the key...  or push the transmission into neutral..

you might not want to sell this rocket to anybody under 25 or so..

be sure that you have the triplicate  bills of sales and notice of transfers forms.. for you to fill out with the information from the buyers drivers license at the time of sale...  or do so at your DMV or AAA office.. some AAA offices do registration.. so you can get it out of your name right there..

beware of money orders.. and some cashiers checks..  they can be forged... the money orders can be reported stolen... at that point the bank takes the money out of your account.. and since you may not have the buyers name and copy of their information.. you can be left high and dry..

i would stop by the local news stand.. pick up the corvette trader classified that some stands may have...   it will have a lot of corvettes listed.. so you have some idea of what it might be worth... i am not telling you to put an ad in there.

i take it that you actually start the car and let the battery charge...

with the supercharger on it.. you probably need to have 92 / 93  octane fuel in it.. anything less and it may cause engine damage..

you might copy and paste this link...  it is another magazine on this site...

here is one that shows resale pricing

2008 Corvette Base RWD 2-Dr Convertible V8 $32,300 - $43,450
2008 Corvette Base RWD 2-Dr Coupe V8 $26,850 - $37,975

but it does not show it with the additional supercharger..

if there is NO current active car insurance on it..   there will be NO test drives..  

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