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Toss the keys in the ash-tray

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Posted: 06/02/10 09:48 PM

In a recent issue of some hotrod mag, a Shelby Mustang had it's ignition moved to the inside of its ashtray and then a push button starter installed on the dash or column. I think keys on the steering column are ugly in the first place and think this would be simply great on a non-smoker's vette. Has anyone seen or done something similar in a C3?  
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Posted: 06/03/10 10:15 AM

almost anything is possible,....    but on a 75... the lock cylinders motion also locks the shifter and the steering wheel via several design features inside the column...  the design also prevents you from turning the key to the column lock position if the transmission is in any automatic gear except park...      some of the 4 speed cars required the shifter to be in reverse to get the key out...

if you are interested in a tubular ignition lock switch that might mount in the ash tray...  there is a way at to search out ignition switches..  they changed the way the site works a while back and its much harder to browse..

you might be able to use an 82 / 85  camaro berlinetta upper column as they did not have turn signals in the column either...  then just grind off and fill the lock cavity..  the parts are easliy left out..    i don't think the camaros that had the dash mounted turn signal switch were telescopic....  

flaming river i think makes these columns without a lock cylinder hole .. for various applications.. so it might be a LOT easier to *** just send for the upper parts and have a column guy do the swap.. or send them your entire column to match...  as the upper parts are saginaw design..  

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