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'65 Gearing

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Posted: 04/06/10 08:19 PM

My recently purchased 65 with 327 High output is tough to drive on the freeway. Four speed feels as though I need a fifth gear. Can I get the gears changed as opposed to a new transmission?  

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Posted: 04/06/10 09:25 PM

i take it that you saw both parts of this article????

i would have to talk to the guys over at aa gears and shafts... but i seem to recall that there was a mopar A833 type.. 3 speed overdrive that came in gm configuration..  it has the swapped 3/4 position. and was an over drive..   this might allow you to maintain the  shifters location to the side.... and give you an overdrive..  i could be terribly wrong...

there were also ford top loaders that had the same 3/4 swap..

you might want to search the Tech articles of both corvette magazines..

the first gear ratios are probably going to be way wrong with either one of these swapped 3/4 options..

perhaps.. some of the magazines staff might chip in here...  

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