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Hot Rods Kulture = Muscle Car?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/27/10 10:10 PM

I love Hotrods and "kulture", the pin stripes and custom painted murals on
various panels, the chrome or the ratrod nude steel, the pin-up girls/suicide
girls and their WWII era clothes, all the greasers in their blue jeans and
penny-loafers. Thier little sub-culture is what really make many car shows
enjoyable for me.

But my true love is for the curves and coke-bottle shape of the C3 Stingrays,
so sexually charged in its reminiscence of a female form. Since I was a kid Vettes
were all the Hot Wheels I had. The only Transformer I had was a blue corvette(With
wings?). In Highschool the posters on the walls had some girls but all had

I'm 30 and so too young to know what 70's muscle scene was all about other than
what I see and read about. I own a 75 Stingray, silver, and have begun to customize
it. The rear window has had a scene sandblasted and then tinted, and I have begun
working with a painter to ghost a pin-up posed as if lying on a bed (the Hood).

And now I'm stuck, I'm in a culture clash of where in the retro I fit in and
where I want to take my car while maintaining class and elegance. Anyone out there
have ideas or remeber what was popular in the mid 70's in customizing Vettes?  
~Sloop De Guerre~

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