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71 Tilt steering column

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/21/10 08:50 AM

my 71 tilt/telescoping steering column has locked in the up or highest position. Any ideas to service/repair?  Regards, Patrick McCartney  

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Posted: 03/21/10 05:05 PM

i have not had one stick in the up position...    not saying its impossible ..

could be something jammed..    or just broken...

it does take a few special tools to take them apart down to the tilt point...

and the tilt and telescopic columns are the hardest to do for first timers.. or for people with out a decent box of tools...

here are several column articles posted around the various magazines..

this one is on a straight column..

here is one on a later tilt column...

here is another about floppy columns.. from low rider mag...  don' worry they love chevys also..

i don't see right now any articles on the tilt and telescopic column that come in most corvettes...

there are LOTS of steering column repair places now a days... and you don't have to swap out a column..   they can fix your column.. in 99 percent of the time..  only if the column main tube has the end broken off do you need to really replace it..

it might also be a great time to pick up a NEW turn signal switch..... they tend to wear out and oxidize after 30 years... and it will have to be taken out for this service.. more than likely... so it should not cost extra to put a new one in...

you will need a delco  D6207 turn signal switch.. that fits the T & T columns.69 -71  

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