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Alignment Specs

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Posted: 11/30/09 08:17 PM

Does anyone know the alignment specifications for radial tires for a 66 vette?  

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Posted: 12/01/09 03:36 PM

wheel alignment specs really have not changed far from C2 cars through C3 cars...

here is a chart...

the factory preferred specs...

1-1/2 positive caster  3/4 positive camber, it shows for toe in.. 7/32 to 11/32 and that seems to be a lot to me..

i bet someone will have a dick gulstrand book on corvette handling..

it all really depends on how wide your new tires are ... and what you intend on doing with it..   normal driving...   or auto crossing..  

there are just too many tiny variations on wheel alignment....  it all depends on your exact tire size...  and what your intentions for the car are...    

a lot of the steering was done during races... with the gas pedal... muscling the cars around corners..

for warmed over street wheel alignments...i have always used 2 to 2 and a half positive caster.. equal on both sides..   half degree positive camber on the left.. quarter degree on the right..    this keeps the car steering straight down most streets..

i usually set the toe in.. to 1/8 inch.     and then have another tech drive the car past me down the back street.. while i eyeball the wheels... seeing if they are pointing straight ahead.. i can actually see it.. i don't know if other people can..

but it all depends on what tires you have and what you are planning..

if you have urethane bushings.. you might be able to take some toe in out of it..  as there might be less deflection of the suspension components..

if you are having a shop align it. on their computerized machine.. you want both sides to the preferred spec... and get a print out... of the finished job...  

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