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64 brake system

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Posted: 01/14/10 08:16 AM

I have a 64 with original power brakes. I am converting to a dual master cylinder (67)new, while maintaining the drum brakes. Do I need to install a proportioning valve or just hook up the lines - front bowl to front brakes, etc? And does the size of the brake line matter?  1/4 inch lines now    tom  

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Posted: 01/14/10 10:39 PM

i think this web site and supplier has some thoughts on this...

might get you started...

this is what you might think about installing to split the front and rear system... ..

using that may allow you to use replacement lines that are prebent..

i think a bit of research is really called for...

there are some articles already published...  here is one that i just found..

here is another about installing front disc and a dual master  on a 63/64  

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