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62' Inner Fender Well

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Posted: 10/30/09 07:46 AM

I have a 62' that has had some large cut outs in both front inner fender areas( I think for headers side pipes) and I am trying to figure out the best way to repair or replace. I don't know if they can be replaced with everything else intact, or do I try to repair them by piecing in whats missing. Any suggestions?


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Posted: 10/30/09 06:08 PM

It depends on how much has been cut out / missing, but you're best off to keep as much original skirt as possible, if the remaining skirt is in good shape.  Buy two reproduction skirts and pattern / cut from theses new pieces what's missing from your original pieces.  Then you can graft them into the original ones to effect a nice repair.  Otherwise you'll have to break the original skirts from the upper surround and bond the new ones to the surround (after you sand and prep), re-rivet the core support extensions to the new skirts (which won't fit without work) and re-drill all of your holes for clips, votage regulator, horn relay etc.  Keep as much of the originals as possible.  

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