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Replacing front cap

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Posted: 09/17/09 03:51 PM

I just got my first and possibly last Vette in my shop. It is a '77 and need the whole front end put on it. What is the best way to go about taking the old one off without tearing every thing up under it? And what is the best thing to use to put it back on? The Ins. Co figured replacing the top half and the rt lower section... That would mean saving the left fender and attaching it to the new parts. Is it possible to do that with out tearing it up. Also if anyone has a shop and does this kind of work How many hours would you figure in replacing the whole front cap?  

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Posted: 09/17/09 06:56 PM

here are a few articles... i will try to find some more..

this one puts rigid fiberglass on instead of flexible bumpers

keep checking back... as i will find several more...

as for a time estimate..   i would think a call to your estimating information company would get you a decent place to start.... that would work on the first estimate..  

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