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motor build

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Posted: 10/02/09 05:09 PM

I have a custom engine building and machining business and usually build race motors or exotic motors, but I have a problem:

A customer came to me to get a motor built for his numbers matching all original "survivor" 1963 coupe. It has a 300 horse 327. My problem is that he wants to turn this into a Barrett Jackson lane one car. I have no idea what the "rules" are when it comes to building an original motor. I know what to expect when i get inside so im not worried about that but what do these people look for when they judge a car and what can I get away with to make the car more enjoyable to drive and still retain its "all original status." I had some things in mind but i need help before moving forward. Confused


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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/02/09 11:33 PM

i really don't know if you will get an answer for that here..
but i would think a a few days at

would help...

i take it that you have a complete motor....   like it would be as they installed it at gm.. with all the hoses and spark plug wires .. shields.. brackets..

take close up pictures of everything..   print them out..

be sure to take care to remove each piece of hardware..  note the head markings.. what kinds and sizes of washers are under which bolt head...

what the markings are on each bolt head..

this is not a cheep  rebuild..  this is the most detailed thing that you will ever take in to your shop...

there are decals...  finish..   exact color matching..  inspectors marks..  wax crayon marks..

you also need to know.. what went on ( got installed).. before they painted the motor..     if the gaskets were painted .. if not..     think of the spark plug wire holders.. did they get installed before they painted the motor ... or after...  i know that there are corvette restorers hand books...   you might ask the car owner to purchase a selection of them..

i hope that he had a qualified mechanic... who has logged everything before he took it apart..    which way the clamps faced...  what type of clamps...

its amazing what they can get through on the auction block...  many of the buyers only glance at the stuff.. blatant wrong parts stick out..    only the pros will notice the small stuff..

but passing it off as all original when it has been completely torn down to the last screw.. it wrong in my opinion.. but i don't write the huge checks..

you might be better off.. if you specialize in rebuilt and custom motors...  in building the long block... using mild soap and warm water to wash any grime off the tin..  while examining it for markings..  inspection stamps, inspection marks..  

if there are multiple layers of paint,,,  cleaning all the tin in the jet tank bottom to remove all paint.. drying it.. bagging it...  keeping all the fasteners.... logged.. organized..  bagged...   and tagged..   so every thing can be identified.. as to where it should go..

oh.. and using care to take it apart...    fresh set of SIX point quality sockets..  so you don't damage the heads on the bolts.. or even leave a mark on them...

don't forget the marking on the freeze plugs..
if there are any..

are you just doing the motor and handing back the motor to him???  

i used to work at a cad restoration shop.. many times.. we had to look in the backyard to see how stuff went together.. and to get proper fasteners to put something back together..  we had over 40 cars in the back for parts..  

i pray he did not bring you the whole car.. and expect you to do a restoration for him..  or strip all the parts off the motor and then expect you to figure out how to put it all back together and make it look like it did when it rolled off the end of the line..

and.. carefully remove any and all factory parts tags without bending them straight..  take them off as they are..    wash them with care..  log where they go..  and if they had paint on them, or just over spray..

i am going to go now... as i need some aspirin .... from slamming my head into the wall on this thread..

i am sorry i cannot help you more..  i just hope you can get ahold of the job before it goes way out of control..    its not hard...  only really detailed.. and if the person taking the car apart.. has not a clue..  he was just told to take the motor out of that car..  

this is not something to let the help do.. i mean the tear down.. the motor removal..  ........ ..... .. . ... . . .  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/03/09 10:05 AM

i ran across this for another thread elseware...

it is the kind of detail that you need to document before you tear it down...

everybody thinking of restoring a car properly and minutely... needs this kind of detail....

i know this will help...  

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