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1979 fiberglass repair/spider cracks/new paint

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Posted: 09/11/09 02:00 PM

I have my car stipped of paint and getting ready to paint, I have heard old fiberglass gasses off and can cause a new paintjob to craqck or bubble, how can you prevent this now all the paint is off to the fiberglass?  

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Posted: 09/11/09 08:14 PM

C4 Fiberglass Rot Repair

there are all kinds of things to do to it..

when i worked with my dad at a paint company .. they had a product called plastic primer..  they had designed it for a navy contract to paint the fiberglass boats so zola tone would stick..  it ended up being used to prime wood also..  great stuff... it would stick to formica... to so many types of plastic...

somebody used some to paint some plate glass windows..   when it dried.. it shrank slightly..  the adhesion was so great to the glass..  it broke the glass..

other manufactures have proper fiberglass primer sealers that will work with their finish coats..   so it really is worth a call to your body guy.. see what brand of paint he is equipped to spray and is used to ... and has available to him...

then take that info and search that brands web site... read up...  about every 2 weeks to a month a factory REP will stop by that paint store... and answer counter mans questions... and painters questions...   keeping them within the product family...  keeping the paint flowing out the guns and onto the cars...

i realize this is not much help... perhaps it will stir up some more help as this has been a sleepy forum lately...

here is one more article from a long ago far away magazine.. covers fiberglass prep and painting quite well..

maybe not corvette type finish well.. but something to read and add to the grey mass between the ears  

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