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No one has any questions?

V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 04/16/09 03:15 PM

It's kind of quiet in here.  Anybody have any restoration projects going on that they want to talk about, or need any help on?  How about an aftermarket front end that doesn't fit? How about some tips for your painter so your car will score well at an NCRS Meet? Anyone still shooting lacquer?  I know I've shot my last. How about the cost of chrome ( about triple what it was 2 years ago ).  What are you doing about your motor oil that doesn't have any ZDDP in it?  Midyear guys: What kind of side exhaust system do you like best - stock (kind of quiet) or rowdy (MC Productions Sweet Thunder)? Anyone into keeping the stock appearance of their engine, but beefing up and adding horsepower to the inside of it with today's technological advances?  Compression ratio and cam choice is critical.  How about electrical glitches - stuff that doesn't work.  Rear axle noises?  Rear tires that lean in?  


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