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C3 frames

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Posted: 02/12/08 08:56 PM

Does anyone know if the C3 frames were different for a convertible than they were for a coupe?  If they were strengthened does anyone know how?

I'm looking at converting a 78 to a convertible.  I have most of the parts but have been warned that I will have to strengthen the frame up after cutting out the halo.

I cant find any info on any of this  

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Posted: 03/06/08 06:00 PM

We have been doing 68 to 82 convertible conversions at my shop for the last 21 years. The frames are the same t-top or convertible. All the mounting holes for the soft top are all ready in your 78 vette. The only tricky part of the conversion is mounting the deck lid hinges. It you have any questions let me know.
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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 05/07/08 09:00 AM

As the man said before there's no differance, BUT when I do a C3 off frame (done 3) I cut the oridgnal gussets off each corner of the rear differenal crossmember to the frame rails, which are 10 x10 angle, and replace them with 14 x 12 angles,. My computer design show a very noticeable stiffness in the frame AND handling Cool  

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