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Rear wheels on a 63 vette

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/08/07 11:11 PM

Confused  Confused I have a problem with the spacing between the rear cussion where the trailing arm would hit and the tire. when the alighment is correct the tire rubs on the cusion. the mount for the cusion is welded on the frame and the rubber cusion bolts to it. I have to mis-alighed the wheel alignment so the tire will not rub. Any ides on what to do?

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/19/07 05:25 PM

What size tires and wheels are on the car?  
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Posted: 02/01/09 10:36 AM

You didn't indicate what size wheels and tires you are currently running, but you likely have wheels and tires that are not of the stock configuration causing this situation.  You have to remember that the stock steel wheels for '63 were only 6" wide and carried a 6.70 X 15 bias-ply tire that cannot be duplicated today in radial form.  That original tire was something along the order of sawblade thin, but quite tall by comparison.  A 215/75R15 radial tire will work on the stock rims without interference on the rear, but you may have to drop down to 205/75R15 on the front for clearance while steering. Start changing wheel sizes and offsets, then mounting tires with section widths to fit the new wider wheels and all bets are off.  

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