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1982 ECM Coolant Sensor

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Posted: 06/04/07 05:55 PM

I noticed when I disconnect the ECM coolant sensor on my '82 Vette the engine dies (max fuel is sent to injectors causing flooding). Is this normal? The service manual talks about disconnecting the coolant sensor to do some testing and the engine should still run. Also, I have noticed the 20 amp ECM fuse gets quite hot quickly. Is this normal?  

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Posted: 05/08/08 06:44 AM

NO John it's not you have a short in the coolant system wiring that closes a loop to your injecters  

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Posted: 05/11/08 12:32 AM

This is normal on a 1982 Corvette. But on the 1982 crossfire motor one of the biggest problems is the coolant temp sensor. The problem is that once the motor is started and you don't let it get up to operating temp then after 4 to 5 starts it will start to gas fowl the spark plugs, If the coolant temp sensor has not been updated, you should do it. You can tell the updated one because it comes with a new plug that must be spliced in to the harness.
As for the fuse (the one next to the battery)replace it with a circuit breaker, like the one used for the head lights. If you don't one day soon your car is not going to start, The 26 year old plastic fuse holder is going to melt away, They all do.
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