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Small block vs. Big Block

V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 11/21/06 07:55 AM

You've got a '65 C2, what would you rather have performance wise, a 375-horse 327 or the L78 425-horse 396?

Would you prefer the less horsepower (but lighter) small block or the higher horsepower (but also much heavier) big block? Forget collectability, value, any Barrett Jackson type stuff. Just straight up, overall performance (handling, quarter mile e.t., etc.) which one would you prefer?  

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Posted: 10/12/10 10:14 PM

I have had a couple of C-1s, both with 340 hp 327's  and currently am enjoying a C-2 with a hot rodded 454 of around 500 hp, so the following points to ponder come to mind (but I'd go with the rat).

The 375 hp 327 has the old tech fuel injection - a true pain in the butt.
But... a carbed 4 bolt 350 or 400 would put out more power without the "finickyness" of the FI and weigh about the same.

Think breakability.  The rat is much less breakable than the mouse and will light up the back end easier, reducing the chance of breaking one of the multiple components in the independent rear suspension/live axle set-up.
Quarter mile is big-block all the way.
Handling, not so much.

If you go with the big block, try to get power steering. My low speed handling sucks.

Let us know what you decide.

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