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reliable aftermarket ignition recommendations for street driven car

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/15/15 04:07 AM

Respectfully request advice & opinions on a reliable aftermarket ignition setup.

I am a junior Mopar guy, asking for a Dodge 360/340, on a Chevy Forum-because I do not want the stock ignition setup anymore. The Mopar sites are very supportive, but many knowledgeable enthusiasts there like to see the cars remain stock, especially if the vehicle is rare. I have been stranded on the road a few times having to trouble-shoot the ignition with my vehicles, and would appreciate something so reliable, that my wife could drive my baby could drive around in (ignition/charging wise).

I was considering a MSD 6 AL, I have heard that MSD filed for bankruptcy awhile back and the aftermarket is flooded with many knock-off copies of MSD products, to include ignition boxes that are labeled MSD.
-Is there a way to verify authenticity?
-Some people have sworn against MSD-ACCEL? Petronix? Mallory? Davis (HEI-GM based) -any other aftermarket brand recommendations? experiences?

I also have heard that MSD bought/merged with Mallory/Accel:

I have a 73' 340 Plymouth (stock motor with new cam, 4-speed,3.55 gears,4K lb) and am building a 77 Dodge (360, A/C, 3.21 gears, 4-speed, 3700 lbs)

-If I buy an older MSD, Accel, Mallory product, do you think that there would not be any risk in sending the part off to be refurbished by MSD?

I really want something dead reliable that I can install once and forget it-am willing to change my 'matching numbers' car so that I can enjoy driving it all the time.
Thanks for your time and consideration, Very respectfully,
MT1 Anderson  

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