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Cam Selection

V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 05/08/15 09:27 AM

Some help here please..

I've been building on my dirt race car since i don't know when, life a responsibilities tend to get in the way. I eventually took it out to see what it could do. (its important to mention in know nothing about driving race cars), and was massively disappointing.

Being a complete newbie, rookie...whatever.. Wink , i was expecting allot more. I thought i had it running well, but it didn't do well at all. It started out well but only a few laps in it began missing and backfiring badly. It only seems to happen when the engine reaches operating temperature. The valve lash was the major culprit, i reset it, and it eventually sets out again.

The motor is a bone stock 350 TBI converted to a carburetor setup (650 Holley with vacuum secondaries) . Being cautious, the idea was a low powered car and get some seat time.

After spending time with the track owner, he very kindly offered tips on where to focus to get it running better. I'm not after a high powered big money car, just learning at the moment.

The advise and focus points offered were.
1.) Carburetor is too small 750 DBL pumper will work better.
2.) The valve lash issue is hydraulic lifters warming up, Since they older they not maintaining pressure.

I have a 750 carb that can be rebuilt.

Figured i may as well change out the cam, while i'm in there.

What information is needed to recommend a good cam? I thought going solid lifter would be better, but any suggestions and guidance will be welcome.

Last thing, i live in South Africa. So please send suggestions, ill work out what is available here.

Thanx for reading.  

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