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Is it legal?

Floyd Palmer
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Posted: 05/01/14 08:30 PM

is lacquer paint illegal in Canada  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 05/01/14 10:31 PM

cannot use it in california... and they both start with a C.. i wonder..

there are lacquer products available.. but they are water borne..  i worked in a paint store and we sold probably 200 gallons of lacquer a day in various colors, clears, finishes.

bar top, lacquer sanding sealer.. were top sellers.. but we had all the base tone colors for blending..  there was frosting lacquer, prism lacquer, leather lacquer, flat , eggshell, semigloss, high gloss, then the really neat stuff.. HI LAC.. stuff used in black or white for pianos.. the black took a week to produce in a ball mill..  i had it on my 66 GTO..  oh.. we sold lacquer thinner, lacquer retarder and wash solvent in 5's and 55 gallon drums..  that was the good old days..

my cousin found my sisters(rip) stash of colored lacquers..  probably 50 gallons.. she used them in her art..  he poured them all into trays filled with cat litter.. i found out and almost cried..  

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Posted: 05/03/14 07:30 AM

California, the place you DO NOT wanna be.
Reverse of the old Beach Boy song saying that California is "the place you wanna be".

EPA= Environmental Pinhead Agency. Tongue  

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