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Replace a Headlight switch on a 1970 chevelle

Patrick Love
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/13/14 11:37 AM

Can you get to the switch buy removing the dash pad? What obstacles are in the way once the pad is removed other than the Amp reading?  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 04/13/14 12:24 PM

usually one can remove the headlight switches without removing the cluster.

there are possibly two different ways to get the knob or the knob and shaft out..

disconnect the battery..  unless you like smoke and fire...

pull the head light knob to the second position.. feel or look for a slot on the back side.. there may be a release tab.. so you can pull the knob off the shaft and that leaves the shaft in the switch..  you can then remove the retaining nut  

or.. if the knob does not come off the shaft..    you will need to reach behind and up from the bottom.. pull the headlight switch to the second position..  you will find a little push button on the metal side of the switch..  push the button at the same time as you gently push just a fraction of an inch then pull the knob and shaft out..   this again allows you to remove the retaining screw to remove the switch.. there is almost always enough room to switch the switch below the dash board .. but i am not sure on this model.. you can with some hand skills.. unplug the headlight switch..

is it easier with the dash out?????

is there a vent duct in your way..?? perhaps..  those can be reached around or perhaps removed...

if your car has a bench front seat.. no console.. you might slide in from the passenger side to get your arm way up under the dash...

in one shop  we had what could be described as a weight bench for doing bench pressing of bar weights.  but it only had 2 legs on it.. and it had an block on the other end.. this was used by the techs.. they set it in the open door way over the door jam..  this allowed them to lay on their backs and work under the dash without stressing or breaking their back..  i wish i still had one like it..

the electrial manual i show says for 73 .. left speaker and cluster.. has to be removed..  

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