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Steering column interchangeability ?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/19/14 11:44 AM

My Son and I are working on a 70 Camaro
The steering column just after the firer wall is missing
A piece.
My question is will a 1st gen Camaro steering column
Fit in this car or if not , what other cars will have a column
That fit it ?  
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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 03/20/14 12:47 AM

probably most second generation camaro and firebirds would be a better place to look..

the first generation cars had rear steer.. where the steering boxes are mounted close to the firewall.. the second, third and forth generation cars had the steering boxes mounted in a front steer with the box in front of the wheels.

why not look up inside the column.. make sure its not just pushed way back up inside..
somebody sure prevented that car from being driven..

if you want to research it.. you can check gmpartswiki dot com.. there are some camaro parts catalogs there.. so you can identify the part you need and perhaps what years it fits..

there are several articles on steering column tear downs.. but i don't recall seeing one that went that far..

that missing section reminded me from about 20 years ago.. a friend had a whole bunch of mid 60s caddys in his yard.. i got into move one and the steering wheel just spun freely.. somebody had stolen parts off it..  the steering coupling.. all the trim inside the car.. yes.. they were convertibles.

he moved them to a storage yard up in a canyon.. all was great.. built a fence around them.. except some scrap guys got in.. cut all of his cars to pieces and hauled them away piece by piece..  he went up there and there was nothing but upholstery scraps and some slag left from the cutting torches.  

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