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Possible upgrades to my 548 BBC

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/08/14 07:28 PM

Background on the motor as it is now:
548 BBC, Gen VI 502 block, Eagle forged rotating assembly, Wiseco 13:1 forged Pistons.  I purchased the short block already built this way.
I added :
Dart 325cc Pro 1 heads, no port work
Wieand Team G intake
1150 Dominator
MSD Ignition
head studs, roller rockers, stud girdles.
Cam Motion custom ground solid roller cam
Specs: .725"/.715" lift, 255/261 duration @ .050",  110 Lobe Sep

This engine is in a 7,000 lb off road mud truck with 55" tractor tires, 4 link suspension.
It never hit the dyno, unsure of HP.
It runs good, but I'm wondering how much power I'm leaving on the table with my unported heads and lower cam duration.

Cam Motion said this was a conservative grind to make good power, but be easy on valve train. Their words.  
I have the cam that came in the short block which is a Howard's solid roller.
.732/.730    278/288 @.050 108 lobe sep.
So should I go all out and port the heads & cam swap with the Howard's or another?
Would I be looking at any real gains?  

Sorry for the long post. Thanks  

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