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axle shafts

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Posted: 12/10/13 12:56 PM

i have a 12 bolt Olds' rear end  and it has bolt in axles with 28 spline, i want to
install a 12 bolt 30 spline posi into it, the 30 spline shafts are c clip, can i
use c clip eliminators or do i need to find a set of 30 spline bolt ins to use this
combo or is there another route i should take thanks  Wayne  

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Posted: 12/25/13 06:08 PM

the chevy and olds 12 bolts are 2 different animals. the diff will not fit your housing. by design with the bolt in axles you already have c-clip eliminators. you need an eaton posi for an olds, its the only way to go.  

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Posted: 12/25/13 11:39 PM

looking at the rear cover..  scratch off the grease and grime from the passenger side axle housing.. about 3 or 4 inches to the right of the housing..  there will be numbers stamped into the tube..

post those.. there is some rear end identification info out on the web.. by number in some cases..

but don is right..

olds already have bearings holding the axles in..

the rear end supplier is probably going to ask for those numbers anyway if you order a posi.. so they are sure that you get the exact one you need..  

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