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Seeking advice on a 350 build for a mud truck

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Posted: 05/03/14 11:56 AM

I have 1999 5.7 Vortec I am gonna build to go in my mud truck.  I am looking for advice on the build.  I want to get as much HP and torque as possible out of a mild build.  I would be comfortable spending a few grand but not much over.  My thoughts were maybe make it a 383, flat top pistons, vortec heads, a nice manifold, and a holley double pump.  This engine will be off-road no worries about low vacuum rough idle or anything of that nature. I can run race fuel so compression can be high also.  Thoughts on the vortec heads?  Are there mods to perform to the heads to make them flow better?  And is it worth it?  Also, cam choices.....this is mind boggling to me.  I will need torque from 2500 to maybe 6000 RPM's. Any advice and specs will be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  

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Posted: 05/04/14 12:35 AM


a 6000 rpm 383 is not a mild build in my book.

posrt the heads

get pop up pistons for around 11.5:1 compression.

good rods and arp bolts.

around a comp xe284h cam.

annular booster carb around 700 cfm.  

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