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Sound deadening

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/13/14 09:11 PM

Working on two cars a 79 Z28 and a 65 Impala 4 door. Read a lot about frost king from home depot, dynamat, lizardskin and many others. These two cars will be driven a lot and I'm wanting to have a nicer  ride. The Z will be running with a lot more power but over all I want to be able to hear the radio when we take them out. Any help would be great.

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/26/14 07:29 PM

I've done a bit if research on this issue
I'm going with second skin
There good comparison on the web somewhere !
It does really good and it's a bit cheaper than Dyna mat
The Home Depot product is a good  cheap alternative
Fir those on a tight budget.  
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