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LT1 T56 on a SBC383 in a 71 Trans Am advice?

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Posted: 03/11/14 02:47 PM

I own a 71 Trans Am I restored and I'm soon to be installing a T56 off an lt1 Camaro. The motor in the car is a pre 1986 SBC its stroked to a 383. The engine mods include AFR 195 aluminum heads 64cc, estimated compression ratio around 10:1 1.6 roller rockers, 20cc dish pistons, XE284 hydraulic flat tappet cam, 1" 3/4 headers 3 inch dual exhaust with x-pipe, and lastly an edelbrock performer rpm intake. I had this mated up to a 700r4 for 2 years. I pulled the motor after 3,000 miles to address some oil leaks and tweak a few things. While doing that I decided to switch to a manual. Ive had nothing but trouble with the 700r4 not going into overdrive "whole reason I went to a 700r4". Before all the comments come rolling in it was the TV cable,it wasn't I had the correct geometry bracket on the carburator, and the TV cable was adjust by 2 professional Tranny shops. So I bought a Lt1 t56 last week it includes bell housing hydraulic clutch setup, flywheel and clutch. Now, my questions are I know the 2 piece crank requires a special flywheel.I found the one I needed it's a Fidanza 383-198661 it weighs only 13.5 pounds. Will there be an issue with drivability with my engine combo? Also, I have 3:42 gears in the rear end on 25 inch tall tires. My driving includes some in-town driving but mostly highway. I do not want to switch bell housing and use the push style. I have strict budget being in college. I due all work myself body,paint,interior,engine but being only 23 I have a lot to learn I would like advice on advantages and disadvantages of using the lightweight vs a heavier steel one. Also, anyone who has done this with camaro 70-81 and has advice to give or issue that are unforeseen please share.  

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