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what rear end gears should i use?

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Posted: 03/06/14 08:46 AM

i have a 79 camaro with a small block 400 in it pretty much stock only mods are edelbrock performer rpm intake edelbrock 650 carb headers and getting a cam soon its a LUNATI 10001LK SBC HYD 280/290 .443/.465 112/107 CAM. i want to have good take off and decent top end too. i have a th400 tranny in it. any suggestion on a good rear end gear ratio? Oh and the converter is stock.  

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Posted: 04/14/14 11:41 AM

3.42, if you can afford more Gas, 3.73 more than that in a street car Makes me Cringe as I see the Dollar bills flying out the Window.  

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Posted: 04/14/14 06:55 PM


unfortunately i would not use that cam. your engine has around 3:1 compression [maybe slightly higher] and the heads flow less air in a minute than a lung cancer patient breathes in a day, lol.

it might also pull your rocker studs out.

i would fet heads that get my compression up to around 9.5 and pocket port the heads st least.  

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Posted: 04/14/14 07:00 PM

Big gears on the street are a real pain unless you have an overdrive trans which the 400 is not. The 3.42s as suggested would be as high as I would go unless you plan to spend a lot of time at the track.  

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