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Problem with a 1996 C3500 with a 454 engine

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Posted: 03/02/14 04:46 PM

Confused I went to pull off from a red light and thought I would get down on it and I did it just felt like a bad fuel filter,so let up on it and it finally got up to 55.So I come home changed fuel filter and checked my fuel pressure and it was low so I changed the fuel pump and still the same thing.So I changed spark plugs & wires and dis.cap and rotor.Still same thing,what in the world could it be,all help is appreciated.I am just a shade tree mechanic.  

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Posted: 03/02/14 09:39 PM

Could be some sort of carb problem starving the engine for fuel.  

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Posted: 03/02/14 10:55 PM

check for codes.. with an OBD2 scan tool..  post any codes by number..

engine idling..  open hood.. pull out fuel pump relay..  engine should continue to run. if it dies.. then change the oil pressure switch.  and also the fuel pump relay.. retest.

pull fuel pump fuse..  use 10 amp or higher rated volt meter in DC AMPS mode to measure amp draw by the fuel pump.. if you have much over 7.1 amps with the engine running. you have an issue perhaps with the fuel pump..

there are neat little plug in amp meters from HF to do this quickly.

with your digital volt meter set to 20 volts DC..  the engine running and the headlights on..  

1. test Negative battery post to the Positive battery post.. 14.1 to 14.8 is expected.

2. test Negative battery post to the engine block. 0.04 volts DC max.

3. test Negative battery post to the body. 0.02 volts DC max.

4. test Engine block to the body.. 0.04 volts DC max..

5. test Positive battery to the alternator output.. less than 0.2 volts. 2/10ths

6. test Positive battery to the underhood fuse box stud. 0.04 volts DC max.

if you get 0.00.. change setting to 2 volts DC and retest..

why.. because any of these locations can effect your fuel injection and engine controls..  there is also a fuel pump ground connection on the top of the frame rail just in front of the left rear tire.

trust me on this voltage drop test.. i found a 98 C2500 with 8.5 volts on test 4.. wow what a different truck when i fixed/cleaned the ground cable connections.  

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