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Clamping Body Halves

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Posted: 02/28/14 09:09 AM

On this 84 Corvette Project It has been Sideswiped down the Driver side. The Metal Straps that Hold the Body Parts togeather down the Side have become Mis-shapen holding the body inward with the twist the clamps recieved. Should I try to Re-Shape them Or Get some at the pull-apart. Cost effective vs. PIA. I can Buy a whole Door for just over a hundred bucks so that is too Easy even with the Minor repair on the Door FiberGlas.Still Removeing Screws holding Tail to Body,Slow job Since the Air Died Again,Weather doesn't know What it wants to do From Day to day,IDJ I am Keeping A positive Outlook,   I had an epiphinay last nite;   "Life is a Double Edeged Sword",   It's Good I like A Close Shave.!  

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