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Clutch problem

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/18/14 04:16 AM

So I got a 74 Chevy Scottsdale Ive been restoring. it used to run perfectly fine until I broke something
With the clutch. Don't really even know what happened just realized one day that I could no longer
Get it into reverse. My drive gears still work fine. It's a 4 speed tranny. I wish I could elaborate on the
model and make of it but I'm stationed over seas and can't remember to save my life. Im pretty sure it's stock.
I'm just trying to get a few trouble shooting ideas so when I get home I can get straight into it because I will be limited on time.
Just some extra info. The drive gears don't stick. Reverse is just inaccessible.  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 02/18/14 06:58 AM

Most likely something wrong with the pressure plate, broken finger, warped, etc. I would replace the plate and clutch disk.  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 02/18/14 11:42 AM

if it grinds attempting to go into reverse... but will slide into reverse with the engine turned off.. the clutch is NOT FULLY releasing..

it could be a bunch of things..

a broken or worn out motor mount allowing the engine to shift out of position..

a broken transmission mount.  these usually don't effect the clutch release.. unless a motor mount is broken also..

out of adjustment or worn clutch linkage..

and yes.. broken or worn clutch disc/cover throw out bearing.. clutch fork components..

lets take a look so when you get back you have a good idea of what you have out of whack..

73 78 Ckclutchcoverfork Zps5577c6b3

73 78 Ckdiaphragmclutch Zps595cce30

73 78 CK Clutchlinkagebellcrank Zpsc0944c35

73 78 CK Clutchlinkage Pedals Zps6600108e

if it won't go into reverse with the engine off.. then its probably the shifter or transmission top cover..  even components in the transmission like shift forks..  

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