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Trans not engaging

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Posted: 07/06/13 08:27 PM

I have a th350 that isn't engaging or moving the truck when I put it into gear. I replaced the engine and when I pulled the engine I also pulled the trans and when I did I didn't cap the end of the trans and that was a lesson learned. Anyways I filled the torque converter up before installing and I have now dumped 10 quarts of trans fluid into it and its still not engaging and when I put it in park it grinds a little bit not real bad or loud but it shouldn't grind at all. Any ideas as what to do or what's wrong? Thank you  

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Posted: 12/07/13 05:09 PM

the shift linkage is not functioning properly. probably needs to be adjusted and or tightened. sorry i couldnt answer earlier.  

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