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micro mouse meets megatron

I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 12/26/13 04:56 PM

the chevy 60 degree V-6 gets no respect. a little camquest6 dyno-sim fun reveals ... 3.53 bore x 3.0 stroke, 9.5 comp. ratio. 1.75" headers with hi-flo mufflers. i used the sport compact 2-valve head option, stock ports/valves [using 1.80 x 1.40 valves] hi-flo single plane intake [a ported edelbrock camaro base-with custom plate adaptor/top] an eaton M-112 blower, spun 2.2 times over crank speed. an elbow adaptor mounts a holley #3310-780 cfm 4-V carb feeding the blower inlet. 1.6 ratio roller rockers. comp hydraulic flat tappet cam #16-233-4, with specs of...212 degrees duration at 50, 110 degrees LSA, 0.440" valve lift, the 1.6 rockers change lift to 0.469". a snow performance water/methanol injector, acts as an inter cooler and boosts octane to over 100 octane. an MSD boost timing master retards ignition timing under boost. the cam picker says 394 horses @6,000 rpms, 410 LBS.FT. @2,500 rpms!! Grin  all while burning 87 octane fuel mind you, from 2.9 liters!! Cool  

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