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4.2 i6

Zakk Ellison
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/25/13 03:38 PM

Looking to rip one from an 05 blazer and throw it in a dune buggy frame or rat rod it and would like to hear anyones experience with the engine. Would also like to know what my options are as far as getting it set up with a manual transmission instead of automatic. New to this forum thing  

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Posted: 12/25/13 05:51 PM

you need a manual transmission, standard flywheel, bell housing, a pilot bearing, a clutch, and clutch actuation, be it hydraulic or mechanical.  

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Posted: 12/25/13 11:29 PM

there are several articles scattered around the many magazines here..

and an interesting file on the vortec 4200  

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Posted: 12/27/13 05:49 PM

That is one engine that has been ignored by many a Hot Rodder.
When it came out it was doing real well in the performance dept.
I guess it will not fit in the dopey FWD cars of today so it has
gone by the wayside. It should give great performance for the cost
of the unit but I would not waste my money putting a standard behind
it. When it comes to performance today's automatics especially with
a higher stall converter are the way to go in my opinion. The cost
of a standard will be much higher too. Nobody ran a standard when I was
racing unless it was a clutchless type such as a Lenco. Some of them
ran a converter with those too.  

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