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Modify Vega

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Posted: 11/23/13 05:54 PM

I am doin a vega in my shop and i was trying to see if a vega would fit on a beretta frame without to much modification to the frame or body because an s-10 frame has to be cut and welded to much for my taste i was lookin at a beretta im putting a corvette engine with a six speed trans in the car and that means the sub frame wont hold and it will need to go on a frame if not the beretta frame what other vehicle frames will this car fit on without alot of modification having to be done Confused i did the other with a smaller engine and trans so i didnt have to put a frame under it but this one im having trouble with anyones help will be much appriciated.  Grin

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Posted: 11/23/13 11:49 PM

start with this link....

and then this page..

it has installation instructions for the don hardy front and rear subframes..

there are a bunch more links on those pages...

and hooker still lists the V8 vega kits..  but you might check over there or at holley anyway..  

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Posted: 12/05/13 03:30 PM

buddy the beretta is a front wheel drive unibody design, and does NOT have a removable frame! if you are looking to put the vega body on a frame, an early s-10 blazer has a shorter wheel base than the pick up truck. wikipedia says the vega has a 97 inch wheel base, the s-10 blazer uses a wheel base of 100.50 inches. if you choose to try this job, seek out a leaf spring fab and repair shop, they can shorten the front of your s-10 leaf springs by re-rolling the front eyes, or make you new main leaves that are 3 and half inches shorter in the front section. by the way, my little brother has a 1966 nova hard top that sits on a modified 1977 corvette frame.  

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