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1970 nova electrical

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Posted: 05/18/13 10:23 AM

hey guys having a problem figuring out some wiring on the 70 nova i am building . wehen i hit the brakes my front marker lights go on as well as the turn signal indicators in the dash  as well now i dont have signal lights , pulling my hair out with this . your input would be appreciated thx Erik  

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Posted: 05/18/13 12:38 PM

turn off the hazard flashers...

on the right side of the steering column below the key... is a knob... pull it out ... when pushed in.. the hazards come on.. and everything is connected...  pulled out .. everything is individual...

if you knob is missing.. use a small trim screw..

your hazard flasher is probably either bad or unplugged...  as the power for the brake light switch and the hazard flasher usually come from the same fuse...

the turn signal flasher comes from a different fuse... and the turn signal flasher looses power when the key is turned off..

if you need that info.. i have a wiring diagram somewhere ... i can let you know for sure...  

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