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Leaking Rocker Arm Studs

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Posted: 10/01/13 12:48 PM

I have DART Iron Eagle 180cc intake runner cylinder heads.  I recently had them refreshed by a builder in Springdale, AR, while installing a new Comp Extreme Energy Retro Roller K-Kit.  Had the kit hardware installed on the heads.  

Once I had the engine running properly, it smoked.  I happened to see a post on my 'vette forum about leaking rocker arm studs (ie. engine oil leaking into intake runners) on AFR heads so I started a thread about my DART heads.  I quickly received numerous responses from forum members that this is a common problem with aftermarket cylinder heads that have increased intake runner volumes.

I've purchased a tube of Permatex Thread Sealer and plan to remove, inspect/clean and re-install my rocker studs in hopes of resolving my issue.   Will advise regarding the results.  

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Posted: 10/01/13 05:14 PM

want to have some fun...

do you have one of those engine lift plates that bolt to the carb mounting flange??

drill and tap it for an air connection..  or just a small hole for your air gun.

why not gently pressurize the intake runners and spray a little 5W20 on the studs and see if it bubbles..

try not to use so much air that you blow the valve stem seals up and off the top of the guides..  or blow the intake gaskets out..

hint... you can also use hylomar on the threads to seal them properly.. without ever needing to fight the hardened sealer that may eventually happen with as much heat as those area can get..  

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Posted: 10/01/13 05:29 PM


Yeah this has been a common problem with a lot of aftermarket heads. I use the old permatex (Indian sealer) it looks like tar. When you first use it as the studs get hot you will see the Permatex bubble around the threads torque the rocker studs to ARF, Dart specs.. That's okay they should seal up. The sealer your using will do the same job. Just don't over torque the rocker studs.
  Nice you spend $1,200 to $4,000 for a set of heads and you see the rocker studs leaking. I think when the automated Cad cuts the threads it does it so fast the tap actually over-cuts the threads...



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