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A/C Pulley

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Posted: 09/14/13 01:12 PM

91 chevy camaro. Removing it will do what? More power? Less strain? Better gas mileage?  

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Posted: 09/14/13 07:39 PM

bypass pulleys are available when the ac compressor clutch pulley bearing is damaged and refuses to rotate...

since many cars use a single belt.. if one of the pulleys stops.. you are not going very far...

the AC compressor pulley on the front of the compressor requires only a few ounces of torque to turn.. you can turn it with your bare fingers.  

there is a small amount of friction as the sides of the groove or microgrooves move into and out of the V grove or micro V pulley grooves..  that at high rpms might take a horsepower or two.. it it required so much horse power from the friction. the belt would burn up from the heat..

the only time the AC compressor really takes some power is when the magnetic  compressor clutch is engaged and the compressor is spinning.. creating around 240 PSI in the ac system..   but that is for the enjoyment of driver and passengers.. so you don't sweat away the pounds while you drive..   it might take 20 or 30 horse power to turn your ac compressor when the system is at max pressure..

yet... a top fuel dragster still has its super charger.. i forgot what it takes to turn it at speed.. something around 1,000 horsepower..  but it does it job..

so you need to take your choices into account..

does the AC work still....

do you need cooling for the drivers and passengers while you drive if it still works properly..

do you need easier access to the engine for repairs and .....

is there a proper length of belt to install without the compressor.

hope so..  

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