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New toy, same old short legs

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/13/13 09:50 PM

Blush Hi,
I just bought my first midlife crisis toy, and I'm already in need of help.  I believe I can quickly adapt to the three on the tree of my 1954 BelAir, but to execute smooth shifting, I'd love to be several inches closer to the pedals.  I've tried to move the seat forward, but I can't figure it out.  There is a lever on the drivers side only, but seems non functional.

Any advice?  It's a two door, HT.

Many thanks in advance!

A sheepish new owner.  

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Posted: 04/13/13 10:15 PM

Hello and welcome. Nice toy choice!

Lots of cars that old have had seat swaps, is yours original? I'm not real familiar with genuine 50s stuff but if theres a lever, its probably for that. The mechanism is often froze up with rust or old grease and they can be difficult if not impossible to operate. Best thing to do is unbolt the seat and have a look at whats going on under there. Usually a stiff wire connects the left and right adjusters, and sometimes just one will stick. Sometimes even once the adjusters are unlocked you need two people sitting on the seat to move it on the crusty adjuster tracks so yes they can be a pain. But its normally something that you can free up and fix, at least for long enough to reposition the bench where you want it. Good luck with it, hope my input is helpful.  

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Posted: 04/18/13 03:32 PM

the old bench seat mechanisms have a wire between the drivers side lever and the passenger side release. these wires often either stretch so working one lever won't work the other or, the wire breaks and the passenger side lever doesn't work at all. 4 bolts to pull the seat out and turn it over to see what's going on under there(much easier than trying to figure it out upside down with a flashlight).  

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