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Vortec breather

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Posted: 09/01/13 06:04 AM

I have a 2004 vortec 350 from a boat.It has a highrise PCM intake and a double pumper holley carb.The motor is in a 65 chevy truck and has no issues at all in fact I daily drive the truck. my concern is on the passenger side valve cover is a PCV valve that goes to a vaccum on the distributor which is right.but on the driver side valve cover they are no rubber grommet nor breather? It's just open.Am I suppose to get a breather for the vc and if so how to I go about doing it since I can't go to the part store and tell them I need one for a 04 since they never came with one? The

only thing I can think of is to either buy a rubber grommet.Then buy a breather that will fit the grommet.

Buy some new valve covers that are made for the vortec and to be used with a carburetor.

Block the valve cover hole

Or just leave it alone since it's running great?

Keep in mine its a carb now not EFI and it's a 04 boat vortec 350.
I'd appreciate any help you can offer.  

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Posted: 09/01/13 08:34 AM

I am not completely sure but I think it is just a rubber plug that goes in that hole. It was the oil fill location on my 95.  

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Posted: 09/01/13 03:11 PM

breather in one side...

pcv in the other..

look for PCV grommets for a 98 to 2001...

Dorman/PCV Valve Grommet
Part Number: 42320
Notes: Angled. 22/32" inner diameter x 1 1/4" outer diameter.

you might check this at az stores

Spectre/Breather filter
Part Number: 42859
Alternate Part Number: 4285
Type: Chrome Top
Size: 2.87 in. o.d.

Y2kvortecvalcoverpcv Zps44b94b7d

if you are just running an open hole there.. without some kind of filter.. you will be pulling dust and dirt into the valve cover and crankcase area...

if you have to... you might need to use the oil filler extension and add a fitting to the side for either the breather or the pcv valve...  

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Posted: 09/01/13 05:03 PM

Hi there People,
  Valve covers vary a lot but to run the motor without a filtered
  breather ain't thr brightest star in the galaxy.
   Most filtered oil filler caps are like the ZZ4 and are on your
  Drover's side of the car..Good luck and use it soon...Skyeking...  

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