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car locks jammed - needs a locksmith

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/03/13 12:57 AM

I'm having problem with my Chevy beat 2009, it's main entrance door locks has been jammed. i have replaced them by 1 or more locksmiths but even after they never work for longer. so someone plz suggest me about the best locksmith who will fix this issue permanently  

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Posted: 04/04/13 07:08 AM

there have been issues on other cars where the tops and bottoms of the disc tumblers will get burrs and prevent the up and down movement of the the tumblers ..

taking the lock out and apart on a big clean towel... as there are several small springs that may come out.

getting the lock out and taking it apart...  you will want to check for burrs.. perhaps lay the tumblers on a file or fine sandpaper.. and take any burrs off.. so they will be free enough to slide up and down unhindered...

wind blown dust areas ... where the sides of the car are exposed to dust and fine sand.. i just take the tumblers and springs out of the lock ..  or i leave just one..

this is an image of a gm cobalt door lock.. as i don't think the beat is sold in the US market under that name.. the cobalt is as close as i could find and they have the same issue..

there are updated part numbers for the right hand door locks on the cobalt..

Gmdoorlock Zps18926832  

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