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1990 chev truck engine ?

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Posted: 03/17/13 05:48 AM

Have a 1990 K1500 truck with the 305 engine that has expired, want to put a engine in that has more torque and HP, either a 350HO or 383 stroker. Since my old truck is TBI with EFI I have been told that the 350HO or Stroker engine will not work with TBI and EFI because of the ECM. Is there any way that either one of these engines will work with out spenting a fortune, looking to improve this truck for pulling a livestock trailer.  

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Posted: 03/17/13 08:11 AM

Either switch to a carburetor for the new motor or have the ecm reconfigured for your new engines size and breathing characteristics.  
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Posted: 03/17/13 12:26 PM

switching to a 350 or a 383..

requires a minimum of a few changes...

larger injector flow rates..

perhaps a change in the PROM chip for the 350 or a custom version to handle the 383 cubic inches..  sometimes you can find a good used computer...

warning. the computers use a 122xxxxxx part number. but the chips will have an additional number on the used computer..
it will look like this.. 122XXXXXX/ ABCD...    the ABCD is the prom programming..  for various motor sizes..

don't go crazy with a huge loping cam..

you will need to retain the proper 192F thermostat..
and oxygen sensor in the exhaust.. along with most of the other emission controls. but it will work..

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