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Water temp gauge

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Posted: 07/01/13 07:25 PM

I believe my water temp gauge doesn't work. I believe it might not be hooked up tho but not sure as to how the engine sends the temp to the gauge. I replaced my engine and didn't replace all the sensors on the engine that are on the side of the engine around the header area. I was told they were warning sensors and not really needed. I just want to get everything right so the water temp gauge works so I don't overheat my truck. Thank you  

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Posted: 07/01/13 08:37 PM

There are two types of temp sensors. One for idiot lights and one for gauges. If you try to use the wrong one for the application you won't get any gauge reading. Either use the old temp sensor in the new motor or buy a new sensor for your application.  
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Posted: 07/01/13 11:33 PM

if you have a engine temp gauge..  you need to find out which size hole is in the head..

there are 2 possible thread (pipe) sizes...

3/8 -18 NPT is a wells or duralast TU66

1/2 - 14 NPT is a wells or duralast TU65

the gauge type temp senders have variable resistance depending on temp..
at 100F 1250 to 1600 OHMS of resistance
at 220F 138 to 156 Ohms of resistance..

this is what moves the gauge proportional to the temp..

please be sure that there is a good braided ground strap between the engine and firewall.. as the ground side is half the circuit..

there is one more part numbers for temp light systems...

light type..

1/2 -14  TU46 wells or duralast switch closes at 263F plus or minus 10 degrees.. 253 to 273F

so this if you measured it with an ohm meter is open until the engine is at 276..  at that point it closes.. and once the temp drops 23 degrees.. the contacts open again..   give or take some..

hope this helps...  

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