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Epoxy getting kicked under the bus

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Posted: 06/25/13 05:46 AM

Lot of people say Etch may be better for car sanded to metal, epoxy without chromates is a different horse. Need the pros to chime in here, Thanks,  Stan  

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Posted: 06/25/13 06:17 PM

No-lead epoxy is the thing now. Etch and zinc chromate went out with cattle rustling! Strong, deadly two-component etch was the best ever, in my opinion.

For bare metal, epoxy primer is the current standard solution. No special metal treatment required except in the case of rust. Of course cleaning is paramount.

Better brands sand out better. Most epoxy does not featheredge well and works best if scuffed instead if thats the case. 180 it and bondo over it.

PPG's DP series is the best I know of, but it ain't what it used to be. PPG's lower lines may also offer a lesser quality version.

The unleaded stuff requires more coats to provide the same protection, its not as good as the old stuff but its whats legal now. In some cases, the induction period after mixing has been eliminated with different hardener. If yours isn't, do not push the time on that period, give it the full time. It will stick like glue.  

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