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69 chevelle turn signal help

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/19/13 04:58 PM

My father-in-law and I are restoring a 69 chevelle ss 396. I have been working on the turn signals and failing miserably. when you use either turn signal nothing happens, but when you turn on your four ways everything works just fine. I have replaced the switch twice now. The first time the original switch was junk, so I bought a new one and had the problems with it so i figured it had the be a faulty switch and exchanged it for another one and it does the same thing. Any help would be appriciated.  

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Posted: 05/19/13 05:39 PM

You have a short-to-voltage, bare wires crossed in that circuit. You just have to follow those circuits to find it. Also, find and fix all of your grounds, the problems bad grounds make will make your hair turn grey (or fall out)! good luck!  

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Posted: 05/19/13 10:01 PM

Turn Stop Hazard Zpse0de38f3

there are 2 flashers on these..

on the diagram above.. which is the proper one for your year..

white wire comes from the brake light switch...  when you depress the brake pedal.. do you get power on the wire wire into the turn signal harness??? yes  i hope...

the dark green wire goes to the right rear brake and turn signal bulb...

the yellow wire goes to the left rear brake and turn signal bulb..

the purple wire comes from the turn signal flasher.. and i bet this might be where you issues is...

the brown wire comes from the hazard flasher.. and this seems to work...

the dark blue wire goes to the right front turn and right indicator in the cluster.

the light blue wire goes to the left front turn and left indicator in the cluster..

the black wire connects to the horn relay.. when  this circuit is grounded thru the horn button on the steering wheel.. the horn relay on the core support closes the contacts and the horn honks.. hopefully...

so.. lets go back... turn on the hazard flashers so they flash and make noise... reach under the dash and find the noise maker flasher.. .. you issue will be with the other flasher...

with the turn signal flasher unplugged.. do you have power on one of the connector terminals when the key comes on.???


are the bulbs sockets properly grounded to the body.. and is the negative battery cable got a small wire. (10 or 12 gauge) going over to the inner fender ?? is there a braided ground strap from the back of one of the heads to the firewall??

since electrons flow from Negative to positive..  if you have a bad ground either at the battery or at the individual sockets.. you will not have enough electrons to operate the circuit and create enough heat in the wire wrapped around the bimetallic spring in the flasher to cause it to open.. cool and then close and open again..

i bet that you might also just have a fuse out.

so.. power at one of the terminals going into the turn signal flasher..
do you have good grounds at the bulb sockets..  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/25/13 08:31 AM

That was a lot of help thank you for that diagram.  

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