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Computer/wiring harness

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Posted: 05/19/13 01:21 PM

A friend of mine has a wiring harness.... He has 6 colored wires coming out of the the computer and need to know where they go...   It is for a 5.7 TBI fuel injection.    Need help here.  

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Posted: 05/19/13 04:53 PM

What color are the wires?  
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Posted: 05/19/13 05:41 PM

Get a schematic of the electrical system for your vehicle. It will tell you what color goes where.  

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Posted: 05/19/13 09:26 PM

i would like to know what year...

as tbi systems had the computer under the dash board from 82 thru 91/92 and under the hood from then to 95...

here is an 89 to 91 TBI

88 91Tbiwiring

here is an 87 TBI wiring diagram


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