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427 CID 435 HP Timing and/or Carb set-up

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/12/13 08:05 AM

I recently put a tri-power set-up on the 427 cid in my Chevelle. I am having some issues that I have not been able to resolve. All linkage and vacuum lines appear to be correct (at least to me Confused ) The engine seems to be performing correctly at idle and when I'm really "gunning" it (wild open  Wink )but when I settle in at a steady speed (45, 55, 65, whatever) there seems to be a surge or a sputter like the fuel is getting cut off or maybe a break down in the ignition/ timing . I have MSD ignition. Could it be a fuel / linkage issue? or a timing issue? What should the timing be set at and if it is breaking down which way should I go (up or down)? It is bored .060 over, has roller rockers, roller timing chain, a "little" cam and after market oval port heads. The tri-power set-up is a set-up from a 1968 Corvette and was "rebuilt" completely before installation. No issues with cranking or running when not under load. Any suggestions on what steps to take to resolve this problem will be appreciated. Help Frown
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