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78 Camaro Header Fit

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Posted: 04/29/13 06:42 PM

I just put in a rebuilt 350 in my 78 Z28 and want to put on a set of Hedman headers but seem to be having a fit problem on the passenger side and was curious if anyone had any suggestions.  

First, I had to take off the lower frame brace but should be able to figure something out for that - maybe there is an aftermarket option??

Second, the last tube is just touching the air conditioning housing near the firewall.  Has anyone seen this on their Camaro?  I want to keep the air so I may need to alter that box to get it the clearance.

How much "wiggle" room do I need for heat and vibration?  

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Posted: 12/07/13 06:35 PM

the motor TORQUES over from the left, so no worries about lift on the right side. as you said, a little surgery and fiberglass work on the plenum topped with some reflective muffler tape. use coated headers, and shoot for an inch between the header tube and the plenum, and you should have no problems... good luck  

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